171. 8.30am. Top deck, front left.

It is sometimes easy to forget we live in a great city. Across from me there was a small girl on her way to school with her mum. The girl was bouncing around, fascinated by everything she could see from the window, tugging at mum’s coat sleeve, which looked well-tugged. Mid-way through a happy song, the girl noticed a seagull in front of us on the Walworth Road.

‘Mum! Mum! Why is there a seagull here?’

‘I’m not sure, sweetie.’ Fair enough answer; I didn’t know either.

‘Is it because it wants to be here, with us… in London?’ The girl’s voice brimmed with pride, and her eyes shone with the certainty that, yes, of course, birds of the sea would flock to this magnificent capital city.

It’s good to take pride. Mental note.


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