The Knowledge

171. 8.30am. Top deck, near the front on the left.

Of course bus drivers have a method for learning their routes, just like taxi drivers. I was sitting next to a man who was scribbling away into a lined-paper notepad, his head bobbing up and down to catch the landmarks he needed. Here is how the journey from Camberwell Green to Holborn (passing Burgess Park, East Street market, the Old Vic, Waterloo Station, the Southbank Centre and Theatreland) looked to him:

F (not E)

C (not D)


Z (after Iceland)


M (across from Carpet Right, not L)

H (not G, closed)

C (not D – Southwark Payments)


Across and right. Last stop in row, V (not S or T)

Second turn off next roundabout, A (not B)


Q (playground)

Last stand (K)

Over bridge



Last stop before turning (F)



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