68. Noon. Top deck, halfway down on the left.

The top deck was serenaded for half an hour by a middle-aged man who was wearing an extremely colourful combination of clothing, including a Chelsea FC bobble hat, and playing a rather out-of-tune guitar. When he got off the bus he got high-fives from almost all of the other passengers. It’s experiences like these that make living in London such a ball. Here are the lyrics to his unique medley (if you want to sing along it was roughly 12-bar blues in structure):

It’s a sunny day, a sunny day,
Gonna be sunny all weekend long,
The teacher said – have a nice day!

[To the girl sitting behind me]
You and your dangerous eyes,
Have you looked in the mirror lately, baby,
Your eyes – so blue!
The most dangerous eyes I have ever seen,

[To anyone getting off the bus]
Have a nice day!

My old man is a busk man,
He wears a busk man’s hat,
He wears baggy trousers,
And lives in a council flat.

Next time you see my old man,
Don’t kick him in the trousers…

[in an Elvis voice] Road rage…
Hush little baby, don’t you cry for me,

Well I’m the King of the Swingers,
A jungle VIP,
I’ve reached the top and had to stop,
And that’s what’s bothering me…

Now some Chelsea songs! Oi-oi…

Blue is the colour,
And football is the game,
We’re off to Wembley
And we’re gonna win that game.

[To the girl sitting behind me]
With your blue eyes you could be a Chelsea,
Can I call you my Chelsea?

[She says yes]
My dear lollipop,
You make my heart go giddy-up,
You are my sweet candy,
Oh Chelsea…

Have a nice day!


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