171. 9.30am. Top deck, first row behind the stairs.

I found myself tuning in to an on-the-phone rant. The woman was in her late twenties, and dressed for some sort of office job. The phone was rammed aggressively between her shoulder and her ear.

‘… I mean, you don’t get bonus points for doing your own laundry. It’s really annoying… I’m late for work every day. He’s like, I’ll walk you to the door, which is nice, but first I’ll get a drink and put my clothes on… There are dirty dishes in the sink all the time… It’s really annoying… And not even that, the sponges are full of grease…’

Goodness, this boyfriend sounded terribly inconsiderate.

And he runs all the hot water out so I can’t shower… Oh yeah, that would be great, we can do a double date or something!’

It never fails to amuse me that people can have massive rants about their partners while being perfectly content with them. I suppose it’s healthy to let off steam.


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