There and back again

42. Morning / afternoon. At the back / halfway down on the right.

My friend and I took a 42 to Liverpool Street and another one back (with some great gallery-time in between). I love travelling on a bus for its entire route, there’s a pleasing sense of completeness about it. Or perhaps it’s about communality, the feeling of keeping friendly watch on all the other passengers as they come and go. Anyway, it was a gorgeous summer’s day, with just a hint of cloud. Clouds really make or break a day in London, I find. Anyway, we met a pair of Nigerian tourists who wanted to take our photograph. There was also a transgender woman who looked like she wanted to be photographed. Anyway, what is it about single-decker buses that make them so rickety? Anyway –

It wasn’t really like this. But it was one diversion after another. Three times there and three times back the PA declared, ‘This bus is on diversion; please listen for further announcements,’ of course followed by no further announcements. It was as if the bus was deliberately winding through the back streets in order to advertise this little blog! The whole experience reminded me that I really must put up a new post.

So now I have.


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