68. 9.30am. Top deck, on the left about halfway down.

To my right I heard a familiar accent. Danes! There were three, PhD students from the looks of them, deep in conversation about a seminar or conference they were putting together. I couldn’t get a handle on what they were talking about – it was a little too abstract and circular even for me – so I gave up and amused myself by keeping a tally of the key bits of jargon:

  • obviation: 9
  • modality: 6
  • mythologisation: 5
  • negation: 4
  • Wagner: 1 (but very enthusiastically)
  • ideology: 7
  • invention/counter-invention: 3
  • a and not-a: 2
  • gossip (as a thing to measure quantitatively, of course): 3
  • funding: 11

Eventually one of the students stretched and said, ‘I really need to get a Coke. I am slowly dying.’


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