Hi folks

Every bus. All times of day. Wherever I sit.

I know we are about to be hit with the biggest international event this city has seen for decades, and that traffic is likely to be congested, routes changed, queues long and timetables jiggled around, and that we need to Get Ahead Of The Games (and that there is a Twitter handle for this) but is the following really necessary?

‘Hi folks. It’s the Mayor of London…’

My poor flatmate was swigging a bottle of water when BoJo’s voice popped up, Hamburglar-like, out of nowhere, and she was so surprised that she let loose a spray all over the (thankfully vacant) wheelchair space. I have also seen an entire top deck of sleepy commuters come angrily awake and start muttering to itself, like a swarm of disturbed bees. After I had experienced the announcement a few times myself, I got over the shock enough to try to take in what the Mayor was saying (something about checking the transport situation before we travel) but the man does mumble, and his sentences tend to tail off at their ends so that crucial pieces of information are lost in the rumble of the wheels of the bus going round and round.

Possibly a good idea when it was bounced around City Hall, but something fell short in the execution. Next time, can we have that nice, clear woman who does the Underground announcements, please?


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