436. 11.30pm. Top deck, on the left near the front.

There were a couple of trampled 2012 flyers on the floor but otherwise not much sign of the Games on the late-night 436. But then I heard, towards the back of the bus, a pair of northerners discussing their plans for their Olympic holiday in the Capital. One had a fold-out map, and the other was jabbing at it and speaking animatedly.

‘We want some culture… We could try Wembley Park, we have to go there. And the Millennium Dome? Something on the river… We could get a bike, one of those London bikes… Maybe we could combine that with East London – what’s that place, Shoreditch? Yeah, we could go down to the river… the London Eye…’

I know, it sounds like they were opting for all the obvious sights. But it warmed my heart that they were so excited about exploring this marvellous city. And they were travelling by bus!


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