A rose by any other name…

35. Midnight. Bottom deck, at the back on the left.

I knew the dating game was complicated, but I hadn’t taken this into account:

Nigerian lady #1: You know, we’ve been talking on the phone, he seems nice, we just talk for hours, he asks me about my day –

Nigerian lady #2: What’s his name?

Nigerian lady #1: A—-.

Nigerian lady #2: A—- what though? What’s his full name?

Nigerian lady #1: A—- B—- P—- O—-.

Nigerian lady #2: P—- O—-!

Nigerian lady #1: I know, but don’t worry, I checked and it’s OK because it’s on his mother’s mother’s side, and on my father’s mother’s side.

Nigerian lady #2: Good, sorry to ask but the thing with polygamy is that you can’t tell just from his actual last name. You have to check them all.

I silently absorbed this advice, and am now passing it on to you. Because none of us want to accidentally date our cousin / half-sibling / aunt-once-removed. Take note, people!


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