Got some

35. 12.30am. Bottom deck, at the back on the left.

Three women piled in next to me and my friend. They were dressed in smart dresses, and one of them was holding a bouquet of bright flowers. I guessed that they were on their way home from a church social, or maybe a wedding. They looked to be around thirty years old, and quite tipsy. They were mid-conversation when they sat down, but I didn’t reach for my little notebook until the loudest raised her voice to deliver this killer line:

‘You! Hush your gums. Miss I-Got-Some-Last-Night…’

The reply made me smile: ‘Yeah, but it was easy.’

I started musing about how times really have changed if, in a perfectly ordinary conversation, women (who have in all likelihood just attended a church social) can express a sentiment like that. Waiting (e.g. by the phone) for the man to pursue them, in adherence with accepted courtship protocols? Not any more: sisters are getting what they want, when it takes their fancy, with no never mind about asking for permission. Progress!

When I next tuned in to the women, the loud one was complaining about her current man, who was playing hard to get. ‘Man got me doing this,’ she said, pawing at the air in front of her as if it were a door, and emphasising the point by meowing pitifully.

‘No, you got yourself doing that.’

The meowing stopped. ‘Spoken like a woman who Got Some Last Night!’ With a dirty cackle, the woman continued, ‘No, seriously, I like where you are coming from, the Highest Heights. How do you do it?’ With this she leaned forward dramatically, but then without waiting for an answer she suddenly lifted up her skirt and said, ‘Feel my legs though! They’re so smooth!’

Ah, alcohol: has the power to transform any enlightened, independent citizen into a flashing buffoon. Maybe we can carry on the sexual equality conversation tomorrow when everyone is sober!


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