Faster, higher, stronger

171. Noon. Top deck, at the front on the left.

The woman behind me was talking on the phone with her friend. She sounded at most twenty years old, and she was angry. This is her story – wouldn’t you be angry too? Who cares that these people have won the FIA Flame Award two years in a row?

‘… I don’t have time to go to the dentist. I don’t have time to do anything, I don’t even have time to see my mum. I’m not even gonna lie. My mum wants me to quit. Normally if I don’t have a job for like a week she freaks out but she can just see I’m so tired. It’s not a way to live, seriously. I’m getting in at 12 at night and getting up at 5 in the morning. And it’s minimum wage. Yeah! I know it’s the best place to work and all that but I could be working in a fast food chain and earning more – or the same but at least I’d have normal sleep patterns. They’re getting well above themselves as well – just because they had the Olympic athletes come in one time. Oh my days, the worst thing is that bitch! I’m not even kidding, she’s never managed anything before. She’s like done a rota a few times and that’s it. On Thursday, right, I finished at 2, and on Friday at 2 she sent me an email saying I hadn’t cleaned properly. An email! It’s not right, I’m not taking that, you can’t do it 24 hours later when it’s had time to get dirty. If you think I haven’t cleaned properly then tell me to my face, at the time, yeah? I mean, it’s a gym for God’s sake.’


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