Bump in the night

Waiting for the 59. 10.30pm.

I was waiting for a bus with a friend outside Kings College. It was proving a long wait and cold. We had been to see a triple bill of contemporary dance, Viscera/Infra/Fool’s Paradise, and we were now standing in front of a wall on which eminent thinkers were listed, Lister/Todd/Saunders/Hodgkin/Bright. All very regular and delineated. Until…

A sudden BUMP. Then a series of ominous scratchings. We turned around. A dull hammering sound. Tiny pickings that raised the hairs on our necks.

It was coming from behind Lister. Someone was trying to get out! The hammering got louder. My friend and I huddled closer together. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Scraaatch. We – and everyone else at the bus stop now – anxiously cast our eyes down the road. When was this bus going to show up?

(To be continued…)


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