Taking stock

59. 7.30pm. Bottom deck, by the back doors.

Two teenaged girls got on the bus, loudly debating a key lyric.

Girl in denim jacket: Well I’m singing it so isn’t it just I wish you a merry Christmas?

Girl in hijab: I think the point is it’s about being together innit? Like with your family and all that, sharing the good wishes. So it’s we wish you a merry Christmas, I reckon.

Since I started this little blog in April, readers have responded by telling me many, many of their own bus stories – on Twitter, by email, even in person (sometimes addressing me, winningly, as ‘Ericapig’). In 2013 I will start a strand of guest posts so you can enjoy other people’s adventures: the bus that caught fire on Waterloo Bridge; the vicious attack by three young men to which all the other passengers turned a blind eye; the bus driver who took my friend all the way to her house at 3 in the morning because she was a bit drunk.

Thanks very much for reading and sharing this year. Have a happy Christmas and see you in 2013!


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