Cold shoulder

59. 1pm. Top deck, on the left-hand side about a third of the way down.

Two young men, a couple, arrived on the top deck and settled in the row in front of mine. They had complementary designer stubble and torso-hugging t-shirts. One of them had on very large sunglasses (he sat nearer the window) and the other sported a black ‘tribal’ earring in his right ear. Sunglasses Guy pulled out his iPhone and started WhatsApping, completely ignoring Earring Guy. Earring Guy, not to be shunned so easily, pulled out his iPhone and started photographing Sunglasses Guy at close range, I guess to be a little flirtatious and get his attention. He had an expression on his face which made my heart bleed – I’m trying to be breezy but I just want you to notice me, please notice me. Sunglasses Guy didn’t even look up from his phone. It’s possible he was more than a little vain. Eventually, having thoroughly documented his partner’s cold shoulder, Earring Guy gave up, threw the middle distance a dirty look and started cruising Twitter.

It doesn’t have to be like this!


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