Women’s Christmas

New-style 24. 3pm. Facing forwards, near the back.

Women! Do you feel shackled to the kitchen stove at Christmas? Are you sweating away all your make-up balancing pots and pans, basting the turkey, making sure the gravy is the right consistency and the potatoes are crisping up according to schedule? Are you pouring the brandy, serving up the pudding and tidying away the Christmas crackers while your good-for-nothing male relations nod off in front of the television?

No? Well, hooray for the twenty-first century! For anyone still in this sorry situation, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This woman was on her phone opposite me on the 24:

‘Sure well why don’t youse come over to ours for a Women’s Christmas in January then? That’s what we call it in Ireland, when the women can go out and have a good time. No men allowed! We’ll really let our hair down… Well you’ll let us know sure if you fancy it.’

This shouldn’t have to exist! But it’s sort of splendid that it does.


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